Born in 1973 in Gdansk
Educated at State High School of Art in Gdynia-Orlowo.
1993 Student of Sculpture Departament of The Academy
of Fine Arts in Gdansk (prof F. Duszenko's sculpture
studio and multimedia studio of prof G. Klaman).
Graduated in 1999.
1998-2002, cooperation with Wyspa Gallery
and Wyspa Progress Foundation.
2010 Student of Phd cours in Sculpture Faculty, Intermedia cours
of Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.
In 2013 she recevied a PhD in the Departament of Sculpture, Intermedia course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.

Solo exhibitions:

Plama Club, Gdansk-Zaspa

Drawing, Royal Cellar, Gdansk
Absolution,Wyspa Gallery, Gdansk

Vitium Originis,Wyspa Galery, Gdansk
Modus Operandi, Centre of Contemporary Art,
Ujazdowski Castle, Warszawa

Domination,Centre of Contemporary Art Laznia, Gdansk
Passion, Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok

Passion,Wyspa Gallery, Gdansk

Potency, Sektor I, Gallery, Katowice

Absolution, Norrtelje Konsthalle, Sweden
This is my body, International Theatre Festiwal,
Reminiscencje, Kraków
Domination,The Polish Theatre in Bydgoszcz

Implantation of perversy Club Le Madame Warszawa

Nr 44, Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Gallerie,
Regensburg, Germany
Submission, Stary Browar, Poznań

Democracy, Komuna Otwock, Warszawa
Immediatley Connextion FreeArts Foundation
and Od Nowa Club, Torun

Kingdom Piekary Gallery, Poznan

Selection, Modelarnia, Gdansk Shipyard

City-Event Re-Construction of Violence, City Gdansk Gallery2, Gdańsk

196 k.k. photographs, video, Ego Gallery, Poznan
Dorota Nieznalska, The Queen of Poland, National Museum in Gdansk
Department of Modern Art - Abbots' Palace, Gdansk

Suur-Suomi/Great-Finland , Art Institute Wyspa, Gdansk

The Cult of memory! Tannenberg-Denkmal, BWA Gallery of Art in Olsztyn
Hate speech, Manhattan Gallery, Lodz

Suur-Suomi/Great Finland, individual show together with Magdaleena Jakkila
within Finland Festival 2015 New Gasworks, Poznan
Past, which does not want to pass away, National Gallery of Art in Sopot, Sopot

Group exhibitions:

Old Town Hall,Gdansk

Castle, Ketrzyn

Multimedial Students Workshop,
Wyspa Gallery, Gdansk
ArtGenda, Biennale for Young Artist,
Kulturhuset, Stockholm

Multimedial Students Workshop (98/99)
ON Gallery, Poznan
Suitcases - My life my fantasies, Sankt Petersburg, Russia
Public Relations - Art from Gdansk,
Centre of Contemporary Art Laznia, Gdansk
The Laboratory, Sypka Gallery, Brno, Czechy

A Model Kit, Centre of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko
Forum of Galleries and Other Places of Art in Poland,
Wyspa Gallery, Centre of Contemporary Art, Laznia, Gdansk
Stage 2000, Centre of Contemporary Art,
Ujazdowski Castle, Warszawa

Woman about woman, second edition, Art Gallery State, Bielsko-Biala
Fish eye, Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art, Slupsk
Relax, Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok
Irreligia, Morfology of the Non-Sacred in 20th Century
Polish Art
, Atelier 340 Museum, Bruxelles, Brussel
Live. A user's manual Baltic Cultural Centre, Gdansk
Ozon, Amfilada Gallery, Szczecin

Dangerous connection Arsenal Gallery, Poznan
Modelarnia, Gdansk Shipyard
Condition, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Platan,
Budapest, Hungary

Architectures of gender: contemporary women's art in Poland,
Sculpture Center, New York, USA
Art of III RP Re-Presentation of artistic facts
Centre of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko.
White waltz, Neuer Berliner Kunstuerein, Berlin, Germany
Dog in Polish art, Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok
The romantic epoch Art Gallery, Lwow, Ukraina
The State War, ZOR, Smolna 16 street, Warszawa

The Arsenal Gallery Colection, Art Gallery State, Sopot
INC, Galleries in: Warszawa, Zielona Gora, Wroclaw, Bielsko-Biala

Love and Democracy, Stary Browar, Poznan
Art Fair, Poznań 2005 Stara Rzeznia, Poznan
Boys, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, Krakow
Un/real Wyspa Art Institute, Gdansk
Sicht der Dinge, Positionen Aktueller Kunst in Polen,
Schnupftabakfabrik Regensburg, Germany
Absolwent Wyspa Art Institute, Gdańsk
Schanheit siegt aut allen Fronten, Die Verdammten,
Haus Schwarzenberg, Berlin, Germany

Yeux interdits Polish Institute in Paris, France
Love and Demokracy,Centre of Contemporary Art Laznia, Gdansk
L.H.O.O.Q. Piekary, Poznan

G.K. Collection, Stary Browar, Poznan

The red eyes effect, Centre of Contemporary Art,
Ujazdowski Castle, Warszawa
Translate: The impossible Collection, Wyspa Art Institute, Gdansk
Friktion and Conflict, Cultural exchange and influences whithin
North Eastern Europe
, Kalmar, Sweden
Lust, Looking, Terror, Ul. Zlota, Warszawa
Perspective 2008 a Contemporary Feminist Art Project,
Anaid Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
What games the Poles play?, Muzeum Nationale de Arta
Contemporara in Bucharest, Romania

Der Katolische Faktor in der zeitgenossischen Kunst aus Polen
und Deutschland
, Leer Beutel Galerie, Historisches Museum,
Minoritenkirche, Regensburg, Germany
Opening, Montanelli Muzeum, Prague, Czech Republic

2 Art and Dokumentation Festival Art-Object-Note
Focus Club, Łódź
Is your mind full of goodness?, works from Arsenal Gallery
collection and the collection of Podlaskie Association for
the Promotion of Fine, Residential arts Centre in Wigry
Mayday in muzeum's night Gdansk Shipyard
Gdansk's Art Biennal 2010, Identity of place, Gunter Grass Gallery, Gdansk
8 Survival Art Review, Architecture as a Crime Scene
Bunkier Strzegomski, Wroclaw
Oh no, no sex and death again!, Photography from Cezary Pieczynski's
collection, Art Gallery State, Sopot
Something Polish, Vier Positionen polnischer Kunst,
KunstraumB, Kiel, Germany
Il Vangelo Secondo I Repobi, Geppert Gallery, Wroclaw
Credo, Zona Sztuki Aktualnej, Lodz

Women's Bathause, Women's Art Fair, CSW Łaźnia, Gdansk
Save as Art, with Art and Dokumentation Festival, Imaginarium Gallery, Łódź
Survival 9, Art. Review, When a Park Becomes an Arena,
Park S. Tołpy, Wrocław
Our not our people, in the VII Festival of Jewish Culture
Warsaw Singeraa, Project Próżna to Chlodna, Warsaw
Format Emergerency Room Wroclaw, Centennial Hall, as part of
European Congress of Culture, Wroclaw
The love of site-specific, the Royal Gun Factory in Gdansk
THYMÓS. Art of anger 1900-2011, Center for Contemporary Art, Torun
Revolving Dysfunction, works from the collection of the Arsenal Gallery and Podlaskie Society
Encouragement of Fine Arts, in the fourth ARTISTERIUM International Art Exhibit
Contemporary and artistic events in Tbilisi, Europe House, Tbilisi,

Art-Object-Registration 4, the Festival of Arts and documentation,
Imaginarium Gallery, Łodz
Involved in sex. Exhibition of photographs from the collection of
Joanna and Krzysztof Madelscy, the Museum of the City of Lódz, Poznanski's Palace, Lódz
Save as Art, the Modern Art Gallery, City Art Centre, Gorzow Wielkopolski
Myth krimineller Energie - und Kunst Verbrechen the 21st Jahrhundert
(of the Criminal Energy - The Art and Crime in the 21st century) Hall 14, Leipizg, Germany
Von Hieeer Aus? - Exhibition of contemporary art within the project of
the contexts producers in the face of change, Gallery Spiz 7, Gdansk
4ArtBoom Festival, Festival of Visual Arts in the public space, Krakow
10Survival, Art Reviev, Up To You, stadium Oławka, Wrocław
With Criminal Energy. Art and Crime in the 21st Century, ACC Weimar, Germany
Buldings and Remnants, ASA Factory, Guimarães, Portugal

Morfem , the exhibition of students and graduates of the Trans-disciplinary
Studio the Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk, Spokojna Gallery, Warsaw
British British Polish Polish. Art ends of Europe: 90 years and today, CCA , Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw
New opening. Presentation Latest Works of Contemporary Art
in the Collection of the National Museum in Gdansk
. Abbots' Palace, Gdańsk
Images started, Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, Gdańsk

Self-love. So the artists they love each other, the National Gallery of Art, Sopot
Exhibition 8 Festiwal In Out, CSW Łaznia, Gdansk
Crime in Art, MOCAK Muzeum of Contemporary Art, Kraków
99th German Catholic Congress in Regensburg from 28. May to 1. June 2014, Building bridges with Christ...
in the visual arts Intercultural and interreligious dialogue of the arts
, Obermünster Museum Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany
Rauma Biennale Balticum, Crime Scene, Rauma Art Museum, Finland
Permanent exhibition, European Solidarity Centre Gdansk
Involved in the arts. Photography, painting, sculpture, video from the collection of Joanna and Krzysztof Madelscy,
National Museum, Department of Modern Art, the Palace of Abbots, Gdansk
Romantic manifestations, Contemporary Art Gallery BWA SOKÓŁ, Nowy Sacz
13. The Collector's Edition of Photography, Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warszawa
Plica Polonica, Kronika Center for Contemporary Art, Bytom
The Germans did not come, Contemporary Museum, Wroclaw
Auction of Contemporary Art, Gdansk City Gallery, Gdansk

Who makes Europe, Gdansk City Gallery, Gdansk
DISPOSSESSION, of the official events Companion 56. la Biennale di Venezia,
Palazzo Dona Brusa, Venice, Italy
Gender in the art, the Museum of Contemporary Art MOCAK, Krakow
I think of myself when I think about myself, Scene Gallery, Koszalin
Feminists and photographers, the Old Brewery, Malt, Poznan
Wyspa 3.0. The Map and the Territory, Wyspa Art Institute, Gdańsk
Dybuk. On the border of two worlds, the Department of Modern Art,
the Palace of Abbots, Gdańsk
Antynomia - Exhibition staff of the Faculty of Sculpture and Intermedia Arts in Gdansk, Galeria Aula, University of Arts in Poznan, Poznan
Metaphor and reality Academy of Fine Arts in the period 2005-2015,
Great Armoury, Gdańsk
Points of contact, the exhibition, Inter - Environmental Studies Doctoral
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk within 70 years of the Academy of Fine Arts
in Gdansk, Centre St. John, Gdańsk

Property / singularity, Department of Sculpture and Intermedia,
the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Polish Sculpture Center in Oronsko
Art at the First Sight, Gallery FWD, Poznan
Small Armoury, Palace of Art, Krakow
It does not exist yet, and you can imagine that is, the Gdańsk City Gallery, Gdańsk
Salon rejected, National Gallery of Art in Sopot
Forum Opening, International Cultural Centre, New Theatre, Warsaw
Masters Peasants Peasants Masters, BWA Sokół in Nowy Sącz,
Sądecki Ethnographic Park in Nowy Sącz


Democracy, introduction and discussion with G. Klaman
and K. Żwirblis, Commune Otwock, Warszawa
Direct connections, introduction and discussion, Foundation Free Arts,
Od Nowa Club, Toruń

Uncovernig pleasures of printing, promotion of book: Mother - Pole, Boys
and Cyborgs ... Art and feminism in Poland
discussion with Izabela Kowalczyk, Pawel Leszkowicz, Ewa Łowżył, Gallery Arsenal, Poznan
MuMo Opening - international exhibition 21 artists in Prague, lecture
as well as the visual introduction from exhibition (Phd Cours)
auditorium of the Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk

Amen. Die Kunst und ihr Heimweh nach Gott, reż. Julia Benkert for ARTE TV
the introduction of film as well as the discussion, (Phd Cours)
auditorium of The Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk
Discussion pt.: "Borders in art" with Dorota Nieznalska, introduction, discussion,
Górka, Priesthood Dominican, Gdansk
Uninitiatedperson's provocation, discussion with:
Jarosław Stawirej, Barbara Piórkowska, Maria Klaman, Świetlica Krytyki politycznej, Gdansk
Your Honour Your Race!, the introduction and discussion panel
together with exhibition.: tożSAMOŚĆ, Flisak Club, Gdansk
Andalusia's Cultural Heritage,- the subjective presentation of architecture
Mijas, Cordoba, Alhambra in Granada
introduction and discusion, (Phd Cours) auditoriun of the Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk
The author's presentation of the Aalto University,
Department of Intermedia in Helsinki, Finland
HIAP Peer to Peer Review at Gallery Sinne, November 28, Gallery Sinne, Helsinki, Finland,
(public presentation of the monthly report: Research in Public Space in Helsinki)

Dorota Nieznalska, Re-construction of Violence [02/03/2012]
Institute of Art History UG, Department of History of Modern Art,
the author's presentation of the project, discussions with students
Critical University - Dorota Nieznalska, proletarian,
presentation, conversation with author and Hubert Bilewicz, Jack Friedrich Critique of Political, Social room Tricity
The debate after the screening of Heaven: Faith, Ulrich Seidl
with Piotr Kosiewski, Katarzyna Żelazek the 6.All About Freedom Festival, Multikino Gdansk

Dorota Nieznalska: Violence - As a Manifestation of Power
Kunst & Kirche _ die guest_*talks-Reihe 2013, Teil 2, F+F
Schule fur Kunst und Mediendesign Zurich, Switzerland
Censorship, democracy and gender. Feminist criticism and strategies of resistance (international conference)
author_s presentation: Re-construction ov violence, Zachęta- the National Gallery of Art, Warsaw
Russian Red , Prussian Blue , Polish Trauma / National Experience Memory in Contemporary Art, author's presentation: Tannenberg- Denkmal the cult of memory!, Institute of Art History UG, Gdańsk

Hate speech, curator guided tour and discussion with Dorota Nieznalska Manhattan Gallery, Lodz
Panel discussion with Dorota Nieznalska - Memory and forgetting.
Do you? How? - Remember the monuments?
and Dr. Hubert Bilewicz,
Dr. Jacek Bielak from the University of Gdansk,
prof. Krzysztof Narojczyk University of Warmia and Mazury,
Bogumil Kuźniewski, historian BWA Gallery of Art in Olsztyn

It does not exist yet, and you can imagine that would be
- artists They talk about their work, Gdansk City Gallery, Gdańsk
LABORATORY / research, meetings, lectures, workshops
- Dorota Nieznalska project dedicated to the memory of the monument Tannenberg,
Gdansk City Gallery, Gdańsk

Scholarships and prices:

The GerminationsXI - scholarship in Hull, England
Centre of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko, realization of the work
destinated for the exhibition Women about women
in BWA, Bielsko-Biala
The Award of President of Gdansk for The Young Artists and Scientists.

The nomination for Pegaz 2002 prize in art category.

Third position in the competition for the poster of
Women's Rights and Family Planning Federation,Warszawa

Scholarschip, Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Gallerie Regensburg,Germany

The Grant from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Sholarschip from Marschal of Pomorskie Voivodeship
One position in the competition
Gdansk's Art Biennal 2010, Identity of place.
Polish Kultursommer Scholarschip 2010 in Kiel, KunstraumB, Germany.

Scholarship residence HIAP Helsinki International Artist Programme,
Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland

Scholarship from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for outstanding artistic achievement

Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Grant of Polish Culture Programme, Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw
Cultural Scholarship Fund for the City of Gdansk

Scholarship of the Marshal of Pomorskie

Works in collections:

Wyspa Gallery, Gdansk
Centre of Contemporary Art Laznia in Gdansk
Centre of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko
Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok
Norrtelje Konsthalle, Sweden
Kulczyk Foundation, Poznan
Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Gallery Regensburg, Germany
Private Collections
Ego Gallery, Poznan
Piekary Gallery, Poznan
Wyspa Institute of Art, Gdańsk
The National Museum in Gdansk, Department of Modern Art
European Solidarity Centre, Gdansk