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The Institut für Deutsche Ostarbeit collection , 2016
cooperation: Dariusz Sitek, Aleksandra Wolter
Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology
at the Jagiellonian University
Jagiellonian University Archives
steel, glass, cast iron, acrylic, pigment,
ambrotype, Die Burg magazines (1941-43)
German original speaker sound:
a compilation of Hans Frank's speeches
with the inauguration of the Institut für Deutsche Ostarbeit
1940 in Krakow, time 7 min.

Willy Brandt at the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes
during his visit to Warsaw on 7 December 1970
bpk – Bildagentur für Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte
(a part of the installation with the Ernst Nolte's text,
About the past that would not pass away)

(multimedia installation)
"Suur-Suomi/Great-Finland" 2012/13
aluminum, LED light, size 218/35/7cm,
An electronic system with controlled tone,
sound (3 min/loop) arrangement of the historic
"Oath on Sword",- C.G. Mannerheim from 1918.

sculptural object (Finnish model)
silicone rubber, pigment, steel construction,
size 140/130cm

video (still) 2013
color film with sound, reader 12min/loop,
(archival doc., source materials, photographs).

(site specific installation)
"Crime", 2010
stell, ellectric rotative mechanism,
light installation,
size 270/150cm

"Gender:female" 2001
steel, crooked mirrors, ceramic heater,
ellectric installation sound
voice of woman's exercise instructor 45min/loop
size. 270/100/70cm

"Omnipotence gender:masculine II" 2000
steel, mirrors, rubber mat, chalk,
light installation (red light)
sound - a man's groaning
during a phisical exercises
45 min/loop
size. 230/300/80 cm

"Modus Operandi" 1998
steel, woman's stocking, loudspeakers,
a woman's rape-victim's voice
light - electric fittings,
memory sketh of the perpetrator IRK/1
size. 700/45 cm