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(expelled from their native lands) 2014
Fot. Malgorzata Kujda
german doors: Lędyczek (ger. Landeck),
Sopot (ger. Zoppot),
Piłaki Wielkie (ger. Gross Pillacken),
Pawłowice (ger. Pawlowitz), Wroclaw (ger. Breslau),
steel construction,
video with sound, 13 min/loop,
archival materials.

„The cult of memory! Tannenberg-Denkmal" 2013/14
installation of a 5-channel video images (loop)
HIPs boards, size: 230/150cm 1200/1200/300cm
archive: Klaus Otto Skibowski, Bildarchiv Ostpreußen,
Tannenberg-Denkmal (1955-1960)
photo: Dorota Nieznalska, Tannenberg-Denkmal (2014)
(implementation dedicated to the memory

the author's web page
"The cult of memory! Tannenberg-Denkmal":

(installation) "Stigmats" 2002 r.
the animal's leather, bronze,
print photo, steel hooks
size 230/200/160 cm

"Passion" 2001
steel, colour photography,
video image with no audio
"Absolution" 1999
wood confessional(author's project)
black and white photo,
video film with sound effects
size. 220/150/165/100cm
in the collection of the
Centre of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko
and duplicate in the collection
Norrtelje Konsthalle in Sweden