Lebensborn e.V.

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Lebensborn e.V.

year: 2017
dimensions: 120/100/60 cm, 100/90 cm, 10x 30/40 cm
technique: installation, concrete, steel, glass, prints - houses Lebensborn e.V. in the Third Reich German:

Heim Hochland, Steinhöring,
Heim Harz, Wernigerode,
Heim Kurmark, Klosterheide,
Heim Pommern, Bad Polzin,
Heim Friesland, Hohehorst,
Heim Taunus, Wiesbaden,
Heim Sonnenwiese, Kohren-Salis,
Heim Schwarzwald, Nordrach,
Heim Franken, Schalkhausen,
Heim Wienerwald, Pernitz / Muggendorf,
Dorota Nieznalska's archive

description: The subject of racial children who were taken away from their parents is taken up by the artist in an exceptionally moving way Research of the scientific IDO institution in the Haczów sub-Carpathian village, whose population is due to the Aryan type of beauty. It aroused great interest, and served the Nazis to support the thesis about the ancient presence of Germans in the east and the natural necessity of their return. In Haczowskie children, most of whom had fair hair and eyes ,were seen as descendants of Scandinavian-Germanic tribes. Such conclusions simply explained the reasons for creating orphanages Lebensborn, where the method of creating a purely racially pure individual, devoid of sentimental needs, was to be pursued, confessing the only right view of national socialism. In fact, detachment from parents, depriving children of the presence of mothers led to tragic consequences   The most  children were emotionally and physically disturbed if they experienced it with a huge trauma. The sculptural objects and the archival film at the exhibition tell about this infamous history. / Małgorzata Zwolicka /


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