Memorial Plaque for the City of Gdańsk

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Memorial Plaque for the City of Gdańsk

year: 2012
dimensions: 42/30 cm
technique: bronze table, engraved
description: The Memorial Plaque for the City of Gdańsk was created thanks to the decision Of the Mayor of Gdańsk and the Pomeranian Provincial Conservator of Monuments decision number: ZN.4151 / 2724/2012. The board is the epilogue of the project,

Re: construction from 16.12,1981, placed on a concrete pillar next to the present gate number 2, on the site of the former Gdansk shipyard.

The content of the engraved text in Polish and English:

Historic Gateway of Gdańsk Shipyard No 2
is a reconstruction of the oryginal one,
which was battered by a tank on 16-12-81
during the pacification of Shipyard.
It serves as a reminderof the dramatic events
which took place on this spot after martial law
had been declared in Poland on 13-12-81


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