Modus Operandi

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title: Modus Operandi
year: 1998
dimensions: 700/45cm
technique: installation with sound
(steel, women's stockings, speakers, sound - testimonies of women, victims of rape, light installation, portraits displayed memory criminals based on the ID IRK II)
description: Modus Operandi in forensic science means that the perpetrator is acting in a certain specific way, characterizing him. In this work, the  victims of rape, commited by one perpetrator,  were five women. Based on the memory of the victims, five different versions of the criminal  portrait were created. Descriptions of the external appearance of the perpetrator were recorded in the form of a soundtrack and played back  at different time intervals by using speakers placed in women's stockings, stretched over the seats of steel stools, while dysplaying the work. Each position of a specific interrogation is illuminate  by a point light.  A loop-like description of the appearance, often overlapping projections of drawing portraits sought criminal (alleged) offender.

The work was created in cooperation with the Police Headquarters in Gdańsk.

Victims and offenders are anonymous in this case.


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