Names that no one mentions anymore

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Names that no one mentions anymore

year: 2015
dimensions: time: 37 min
technique: color film with sound
description: The film was made in the convention of document/reportage. The inspiration for the uprising was the memories of Countess Marion Dönhoff. She was born in Friedrichstein (now Kamenka) in East Prussia.

The documentation took place in the summer of 2015 in Warmia and the Kaliningrad District. Only a few historical manors, palaces, ruins,  remains of buildings and some former German farms  have been preserved by a video : among others Lipowinina, Słobity, Kwitajny, Tarpno, Ponary, on the side of the  Kaliningrad District in Uszaków (German: Brandenburg), Żeleznodożny (German: Gerdauen), Kamenka (German: Friedrichstein).


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