Paragraph 196 k.k.

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Paragraph 196 k.k.

year: 2010
dimensions: time: 5min / loop
technique: black and white video with sound
description: Paragraph 196 of the Criminal Code: who insults other people's religious feelings publicly objects to religious worship or a place intended for public religious ceremonies subject to a fine, imprisonment or imprisonment of up to two years.

In 2002-2010, the District Court in Gdańsk held a trial against Dorota Nieznalska, tried under paragraph 196 of the Code of Exchange, for exhibiting the installation  titled: Passion in the Wyspa Gallery in Gdańsk  at the turn of 2001/2002. During the eight years, a total of 41 court hearings were carried out, from September 16, 2002, November 18, January 3, 2003, March 3, April 28 ... etc., until March 11, 2010, when  the final decision of the Court  her  acquittal was passed.

The film symbolically refers to eight years of the criminal process - written down in concrete terms dates - meetings, totaling forty-one. The sound, the author's voice is recorded in a whisper in the form of a prayer, whose words are  monotonous recitation of 41 dates - former hearings in Gdansk court.


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