Prayer position

Pozycja modlitewna Dorota Nieznalska

film frame


Prayer position

year: 2004
dimensions: time: 5'40 min / loop
technique: color film, without sound
in the collection: Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie Regensburg, Germany
Ego Gallery, Poznań
description: The video footage is a symbolic record of accompanying emotions the author during the criminal trial (from § 196 k.k. offending religious feelings), which lasted at that time in Gdansk court. Naked, visible in the frame from the waist up the figure has raised his arms at the height of the chest in the position of prayer. A seemingly looking prayer gesture is an attempt to physically strengthen the muscles of the arms, hands that push against one another. The strength position lasts to the maximum time of muscle maintenance, their fatigue, additionally deliberate stopping to about 1 min, so-called the stop of the cage intensifies the effect supporting hands.


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