Speech of Hate

Mowa Nienawiści Dorota Nieznalska

film frame


Speech of Hate

year: 2011
dimensions: time: 4 minutes / loop
technique: video film, without sound
description: The film, Speech of Hate, is one of several realizations in the study of violence in public space. In  Gdansk district  called Wrzeszcz, I found  this kind of inscrition on a wall :
Your Honor Your Race - written quite specifically. A short static video image is a specific analysis of this particular inscript_ion.  The authors of the inscript_ion were  presumably  the members of the ONR. The video reveals the structure of encrypting the fascist symbol in the found string.

The research project  Hate Speech deals with the analysis of specific cases of the so-called hate speech - found in the public space of Gdańsk. I focused especially on subcultures or social groups, which include supporters - Ultras or organizations of the type: All-Polish Youth, National Radical Camp operating especially in the Tri-City. The All-Polish Youth (MW) and the National-Radical Camp (ONR) are organizations referring to the nationalist tradition, which in the history of the last century signed up for the elimination of social and non-national minorities from the social area or public space (especially Jews) or other sexual orientations, etc. Another  group, apart from those mentioned here, which I am particularly interested in because of their extreme views, national-Catholic appeals, hateful declarations and very aggressive behawior, are football fans (Ultras) of Lechia Gdańsk.


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