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view from the exhibition The past that does not want to pass away, National Gallery of Art in Sopot, Sopot



year: 2015
dimensions: 200 / 120cm
technique: steel preserved with polyvinyl
description: Cut from a thick steel sheet, a much enlarged object referring to the so-called popular in the '30 of the last century stucco work - German souvenirs that often decorate bourgeois houses. The stucco pattern is original, significantly enlarged, cut out with a thick sheet metal laser (the object weighs 90 kg) painted black. This souvenir refers to important moments of German history. It is a reminder of one of the most spectacular German victories - the Battle of Tannenberg, the memory of the Teutonic heritage and the centrally presented Tannenberg monument from 1934 - the death of Paul von Hindenburg (as evidenced by smoke from torches burnt at that time located on the towers of the monument).


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